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Technological innovation to help the healthy development of the special food industry

Oct 12, 2019

Technological innovation to help the healthy development of the special food industry

Technological innovation to help the healthy development of the special food industry

HG Admin Oct 12,2019

At present, China is in an important period of vigorously promoting the construction of a healthy China. It studies and discusses the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges faced by the special food sector, deepens the understanding and understanding of special food policy systems, and is active in promoting the development of China's special food industry and public health. Promote.
From the reform and opening up to the present, our country should say that it has achieved world-renowned achievements in the issue of eating. It has solved the problem of eating enough for 1.37 billion people, basically solved the problem of eating well, and is now solving the problem of eating. Health problem. The implementation of the "healthy China" strategy has positioned the development of China's food industry, set goals, and assigned new responsibilities. As far as the development of China's food industry is concerned, food security is the foundation, food safety is the guarantee, and food health and nutrition are our * goals. In the journey of achieving the goal, it will play a pivotal role as a special food for the elderly, young, sick and affected people.
Special foods have the properties of general food, but have special uses for special populations. The raw materials are mainly taken from natural animals and plants or microorganisms. They are produced by processing technology and can provide all or necessary nutritional support. They can play a role in regulating human body function and beneficial to human health. In other words, healthy foods look like ordinary foods but have health care functions. Infants and young children can help to obtain all the nutrients; healthy and healthy people can eat and have health care function; patients can eat and have medical auxiliary effects. Therefore, special foods have different values ​​and effects at different stages of our lives.
While promoting the healthy transformation of food companies and helping the development of the special food industry, we must also adhere to the bottom line of safety. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the food safety control system and the improvement of the safety management level of the food industry, the overall situation of food safety has stabilized, but the hidden dangers of food safety cannot be underestimated. In particular, special foods are related to the health of special people and even life safety. They must be given special attention and must not be relaxed. This requires the joint efforts of the regulatory authorities, industry companies and all sectors of society.
For the future development of China's special food industry, the author puts forward four thoughts and suggestions:
First, it is clear that science and technology are the basis for ensuring the development of the special food industry, and the national special food science and technology innovation system will be built as soon as possible. Looking at the development history of China's special food industry, science and technology have always affected the quality, scale and speed of industrial development. Therefore, improving the ability and level of scientific and technological innovation and research and development in China's special food industry is an issue that cannot be avoided or avoided. As an emerging sunrise industry, technological innovation is a key factor in ensuring the sustainable development of the special food industry. The state can deepen the reform of the science and technology system, guide, encourage and support the development of qualified public welfare research institutes to the direction of enterprise, and promote the formation of a special food technology development system with enterprises as the main body.
The second is to establish a scientific and stable management policy. Since special foods directly affect the human body and are closely related to health and life, the strict safety control of the government is an inevitable requirement of the public and a duty of the government. From the requirements of industrial development, the key point is to improve the coordination, stability and certainty of regulatory policies, and to reduce or avoid the frequent adjustment and improper connection of policy systems. At present and in the future, the key point of management is to do a good job in the coordination and convergence of industrial policies, standard policies, and regulatory policies, and to exert the integration effect of policies, not only to improve the safety of special foods, but also to promote the health, science, and speed of our special food industry. Continuous development.
The third is to give full play to China's resource advantages and traditional advantages. China has a rich variety of food resources in the world, a traditional culture that supplements food and nourishment, and has a large market demand. It can develop many health products with high added value. Therefore, we must profoundly understand the ideas of ancient use and foreign use, inherit and carry forward the food and health culture of homologous medicine and food in our country, integrate modern medical nutrition theory, absorb advanced health food production technology, and create more food culture in China. Special foods that are featured and popular with the people.
The fourth is to strengthen the publicity and education of special food science and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Due to the special attributes of special foods, consumers face a large amount of information asymmetry in their choices, which also allows unscrupulous businessmen to take advantage of the law and violate the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Therefore, all sectors of society, including the regulatory authorities and industry enterprises, should use the information and propaganda channels to popularize special food-related knowledge to the public. This is crucial for the consumption of special foods and the healthy development of the industry. For example, through the preparation of educational materials, consumers are introduced to the role of nutrition knowledge and functional ingredients to help consumers identify and select suitable health foods and guide consumers to rational consumption.


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