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Talking about the prospect of mechanization of grain drying


Talking about the prospect of mechanization of grain drying

Talking about the prospect of mechanization of grain drying

HG Admin 10-07-2020

First, the need to develop grain drying mechanization technology
In recent years, with the rapid development of rice combine harvesters, the mechanization level of rice harvesting in the country has reached about 40%, which has greatly accelerated the harvesting speed and shortened the harvesting time. However, the contradiction between the fast-harvesting rice and the limited drying field has become increasingly prominent. At present, the drying of rice in the vast rural areas of China still adopts the method of natural drying. Because the drying field is small, the drying efficiency is low, the effect is poor, the pollution is easy, and the loss is large. The traditional drying method is not compatible with the rapidly developing mechanized harvesting level. In many areas, the harvested grain of the combine harvester is not dried in time. It is common for a large number of grains to be piled up together, which is prone to cause fever and deterioration, and greatly reduces the taste of the food and the germination rate of the seed. In the case of rainy weather, cereals are more likely to cause loss of mold. With the rapid development of the national economy and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, the people have put forward higher requirements for the taste and quality of food, especially for finished rice. Rice, requires a clean appearance, a fragrant smell, moderate hardness. If the low-temperature drying technology is used to dry the grain in time, the requirement for improving the grain quality can be achieved. When the rural economy develops to a certain level, the land will gradually concentrate on farming experts, and the dryer will gradually enter the farmers, and the number of dryers will be greatly increased. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop grain drying mechanization technology.
Second, the main measures to develop mechanization of grain drying
The first is scientific planning and reasonable distribution. According to the grain area, farmers and market demand, we conducted a bottom-up survey, scientifically formulated the plan, guided the reasonable layout, determined the drying equipment* good service radius, reduced the operating cost, realized the economic benefits*, and prevented the smashing and avoiding Mechanical repetitive purchases and idle waste.
The second is to increase policy and financial support. Increase the subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and focus on the grain drying machinery and equipment as the subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and implement the open subsidy, which should be supplemented; at the same time, actively strive for county financial support to form a policy synergy, implement cumulative subsidies; actively coordinate the national land department, Effectively guarantee the dry construction land of grain drying machinery; coordinate the financial sector to actively help solve bank loans and drive social funds to increase investment.
The third is to strengthen the training of grain drying technology. Organize large agricultural machinery companies and cooperative directors to observe and observe the drying machine production enterprises, learn the grain drying mechanization technology, and enhance the development confidence; integrate the grain drying mechanization technology promotion and training into various financial support projects, and cooperate with the production enterprises. Provide free training for grain drying promotion technicians and operators, and comprehensively improve the operation and use level of grain drying mechanization technology to ensure safe, low-cost and high-efficiency grain drying operations. At the same time, important agricultural time arrangements for special on-site tracking services, face-to-face teaching of grain drying technology, to achieve "pre-existing training, guidance in the event, after-the-fact maintenance" to ensure that technology can be widely promoted and applied.
The fourth is to do a good job of typical demonstration and promotion. A number of food drying demonstration bases and demonstration zones that can be seen, studied and replicated have been established in the county. Based on this, demonstrations and observation meetings will be held to raise farmers' awareness.
The fifth is to strengthen publicity and guidance. Using television, newspapers, and other forms, we will vigorously promote the advantages and benefits of grain drying mechanization, and guide large grain growers, family farms, and agricultural machinery cooperatives to purchase grain drying equipment and mobilize farmers' enthusiasm for using grain drying machinery.


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