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Center Filled/Cup Cake Production Line

::: Equipment introduction :::

Full-automatic Center Filled/Cup Cake Production Line

Full-automatic Center Filled/Cup Cake Production Line
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Cup Cake / Custard Cake / Sliced Cake

Equipment introduction :::
28-02-2023 | Study, Research

HG- CFC automatic cake production line can produce different cakes by replacing different shapes of baking molds, or can produce cupcake and filled cake by adding paper cup feeding machine and cake cream filling machine. It can produce muffin as well by mixed some chocolate in the raw material.

Capacity and Utilities :
HG Food Machinery manufacturer can provide muffin production line with different capacities in order to meet clients requirements .we have smaller capacity 250kg/h , medium size 500kg/h and bigger size 1000kg/h. In addition, we have professional engineering team to help client customize a cake production line according to client factory size.
Workshop size requirements :
U type arrangement : 60*20*3.5m
Straight arrangement : 110*6*3.5m
L arrangement : 60*30*3.5m
Power :80-120w
Gas consumption: 35-45kw

1)Automatic cakes production line solution from A to Z with less labor
2)Touching screen PLC controlling system, easy for workers to operate
3)Hot air circulating oven with imported Japan brand burner, and separate baking zone with  different temperature
4)304stainless steel raw materials with high configuration and stable performance
5)Aeration mixer that different with normal mixer, which can mix raw materials fine and smooth.
Advanced depositor that can control cake weight precisely

Hot-air circulation tunnel oven:As a novel baking furnace developed by our factory based on the imported equipment, it adopts the most advanced gas combustion and hot-air circulation heating mode, and has six temperature zones; after the temperature is set, the control motor is used for automatic control by a disc valve, the heat is transferred to the furnace up and down by the air duct to bake foods; the furnace has the advantages of quick heating, stable temperature, little change, automatic control of temperature, etc., therefore, the produced cakes have the advantages of good taste, softness, more uniform surface color and luster, freshness, tenderness, etc.

hg Production Line

Full-automatic Filled/Cup Cake
HG CFC300 | CFC500

Produce food

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    Cup & Cake


    Cup & Cake


    Cup & Cake


    Cup & Cake

    White Chocolate

    Custard & Cake


    Custard & Cake

    Egg Yolk

    Custard & Cake


Equipment parameters :::

Full-automatic Center Filled/Cup Cake Production Line

Diagram :::


  • 1.Mixing
  • 2.Oil spraying
  • 3.Forming
  • 4.Rack oven baking
  • 5.Out oven and cooling
  • 6.De-mould
  • 7.Return tray conveying
  • 8.Tray turning
  • 9.Compress air cleaning
  • 10.Tray turning
  • 11.Center filling
  • 12.Cooling and Sterilizing
  • 13.Packaging
HG-CFC CFC300 | CFC500
  • 01oil sprayor
  • 02depositing machine
  • 03in-oven
  • 04baking oven
  • 05out-oven
  • 06de-molding
  • 07center-filling
  • 08packing machine
  • 09cooling and
  • 10empty tray
  • 11tray turnover
  • 12compress air
  • 13paper cup
  • 14mixer

Production Process

    • mixing & oil spraying & Forming

    • rack oven baking

    • de-mould & return tray conveying

    • center filling

    • cooling and Sterilizing

    • packing

  • 7×24h Uninterrupted Operation Stable
  • 49+ Special Inspection Professional
  • 365day Free Warranty Simple
  • Permanent Maintenance Don't worry

::: Certification institution :::

HG machinery is strictly certified by the following institutions

Our food making machines has passed a lot of the certifications identified by authoritative organization,such as BV、SGS、CE、ISO-9001and so on. In this condition, it will be great help for our customers to choose stable and efficient machines in the harsh purchasing circumstances

How to order :::

Full-automatic Center Filled/Cup Cake Production Line

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  • 1.Contact us

    Contact us by phone/ whatsApp / skype / viber / wechat / email, we will offer you the most suitable quotation

  • 2.Visit

    Check our machines and equipment in our workshops, discuss details and specifications for the production line and customer’s project.We’re also able to arrange the visiting to domestic customer factory to check running line

  • 3.Drawings

    Engineers will design the particular production lines according to customer’s requirements and factory layout; make sure the line fits the workshop perfectly.

  • 4.Finalize contract

    Finalize details for price, payment, shipping time, and sign the contract.

  • 5.Producing

    Start the production immediately the first payment arrives, the sales follow up the production progress and keep customer updated.

  • 6.Inspection

    Assemble the line in our workshop for customer inspection, then pack the whole line according to customer’s requirements.

  • 7.Shipment

    Load the well-packed machines into containers; arrange the shipment by long-cooperated shipping agent, ship to the final port as customer directed. Sales from HG will track the whole procedure, solve problem if there is any.

  • 8.Install

    Send engineers and technicians to customer’s factory, install the whole line, commission the running, make the sure the line is correctly assembled.

  • 9.Train

    Engineers provide the recipe, according to local material condition and their experience. Technicians will also train the workers up until they learn well to operate the machines.

  • 10.After-sale service

    Anytime,any problem,our sales and engineers will try our best to help to solve it.You can contact us by phone/ whatsApp / skype / viber / wechat / email.Our engineers will also go to the customers factory anytime if necessary.

Leave a Message :::

If you have any questions about our machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Industry Knowledge Extension :::

More information about Full-automatic Center Filled/Cup Cake Production Line

Types of Full-automatic Cup Cake Production Line

A full-automatic cupcake production line typically includes several machines that work together to automate the process of making cupcakes. Some of the common machines that may be included in a full-automatic cup cake production line include:
Batter mixing machine: This machine is used to mix the cupcake batter. It may have different capacities and features, such as automatic measurement of ingredients and adjustable mixing speed.
Cupcake filling machine: This machine is used to fill the cupcake molds with batter. It may have different capacities and features, such as adjustable filling volume and automatic positioning of the molds.
Cupcake baking oven: This machine is used to bake the cupcakes. It may have different capacities and features, such as adjustable temperature and baking time, and multiple baking chambers.
Cupcake cooling and demolding machine: This machine is used to cool the cupcakes after baking and remove them from the molds. It may have different capacities and features, such as adjustable cooling time and automatic demolding.
Cupcake decorating machine: This machine is used to decorate the cupcakes with frosting, icing, or other toppings. It may have different capacities and features, such as adjustable dispensing volume and multiple decorating nozzles.
Cupcake packaging machine: This machine is used to pack the cupcakes into containers, such as boxes or trays. It may have different capacities and features, such as automatic container feeding and sealing.
The specific types and configurations of machines in a full-automatic cupcake production line may vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended production capacity.

How to use Muffin production line

Using a muffin production line typically involves the following steps:
1.Preparation: Before starting the production line, make sure all necessary ingredients and equipment are available and in good working condition. This includes muffin batter, muffin pans, mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, a mixer, an oven, cooling racks, and packaging materials.
2.Mixing: The first step in the production line is to mix the muffin batter. Depending on the size and complexity of your production line, you may use a large industrial mixer or smaller, hand-held mixers. Follow your recipe carefully to ensure consistent quality and flavor.
3.Portioning: Once the batter is mixed, it must be portioned into muffin pans. This can be done manually or with an automated depositor. If using a manual method, use a scoop or ladle to fill the muffin cups to the desired level. If using an automated method, adjust the settings according to your recipe and ensure that the machine is operating properly.
4.Baking: After the muffin batter has been portioned, it's time to bake the muffins. Place the muffin pans in a preheated oven and bake according to your recipe. Make sure to monitor the baking process to ensure that the muffins are cooked to the desired level of doneness.
5.Cooling: Once the muffins are done baking, remove them from the oven and place them on cooling racks. This allows the muffins to cool down to a safe temperature for handling and packaging.
6.Packaging: After the muffins have cooled, they can be packaged. This can be done manually or with an automated packaging machine. If packaging manually, use appropriate packaging materials such as plastic wrap, bags, or boxes. If using an automated machine, ensure that the settings are adjusted properly for your muffin size and packaging material.
7.Quality control: Throughout the food machine, it's important to maintain quality control by regularly checking the muffins for consistency in size, shape, color, and flavor. Make adjustments as necessary to ensure that the final product meets your standards.
By following these steps and ensuring proper maintenance and sanitation of the equipment and work area, you can successfully operate a muffin production line.
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