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Key points in the production of peanut biscuits


Key points in the production of peanut biscuits

Key points in the production of peanut biscuits

HG Admin 10-07-2020

Peanut is a nut with a wide production range. It is rich in nutrients such as fat, protein, vitamins, and has health effects such as anti-aging, moisturizing cough, hemostasis, and preventing coronary heart disease. As a healthy food ingredient, peanuts can be processed into a variety of nutritious, delicious, healthy and safe foods. Peanut biscuits are one of them.
  Peanut biscuits have the characteristics of good nutrition and health function, convenient consumption, long shelf life, etc., and the market prospect is good. However, peanut biscuits are easily contaminated by microorganisms such as bacteria and mold, and there are food safety problems such as excessive colony count and moldy deterioration.
  Using dynamic air sterilization machine, using HACCP food safety management body and dynamic air disinfection technology, it can prevent microbial contamination of food and avoid peanut biscuits from mold and deterioration, thereby extending the shelf life of peanut biscuits.
Biscuit is a kind of bakery food with a crispy taste. It uses flour as the main raw material, with or without sugar, fat and other raw materials. It is powdered (or pulped), fermented (or not fermented), shaped, baked, etc. Processed.
   There are many types of biscuits, and the types of biscuits are divided into various types. For example, biscuits made with peanut kernels can be called peanut biscuits, hazelnuts can be called hazelnut biscuits, and chestnuts can be called chestnut biscuits.
   Ingredients for producing peanut biscuits: flour, white sugar, salad oil, water, peanut kernel, baking soda.

  Operating points for producing peanut biscuits——
   1. Select peanut kernels with normal appearance and no peculiar smell as the raw materials for processing peanut biscuits.
   2. Put the peanut kernels in the blender, add water, stir, and wash off the dust in the peanut kernels.
   3. After separating the peanut kernels from the water, dry them in the oven. After that, the peanut kernels were crushed to prepare peanut flour.
   4. Select flour with normal color, no peculiar smell and no insects as the raw material for processing peanut biscuits.
   5. Put the flour, white sugar, water, baking soda and table salt in a clean mixer and mix well. The mixer can be cleaned with dual-core ozone water in advance to kill the microorganisms and improve the sanitation of the equipment.
   6. Put peanut powder and salad oil into the above materials, mix well to prepare peanut biscuit dough.
   7. Roll and shape the dough to make several peanut biscuit greens.
   8. Put the peanut biscuit green into the oven, select the appropriate temperature and time, and bake. During baking, the temperature should not be too high, otherwise the cookies will be scorched; but the temperature should not be too low, otherwise, the cookies will not be cooked, and the microorganisms in the cookies will not be killed, which will cause the peanut biscuits to become moldy during the subsequent shelf life Spoiled.
   9. Remove the baked peanut biscuits from the oven and send them to the cooling workshop for cooling.
   10. Pack the cooled peanut biscuits in a plastic tray quickly, then put the plastic tray in a plastic bag and seal it in time. The packaging materials used should meet the relevant food packaging safety standards.
   11. The sensory, microbial, heavy metal, nutrition label and other indicators of the sealed peanut biscuits are tested. Peanut biscuits that have passed the inspection will be stored and stored as finished products.


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