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Traditional craftsmanship and modern equipment integration


Traditional craftsmanship and modern equipment integration

Traditional craftsmanship and modern equipment integration

HG Admin 10-07-2020

In the ever-changing development of information technology, food processing enterprises have brought together the essence of traditional skills possessed by masters with industrialization, mechanization and intelligence, which has opened up a bright road for the modernization and modernization of traditional techniques. While blending traditional food processing technology from modern equipment, it not only helps companies enhance their market competitiveness, but also gives the industry a new kinetic energy to better cater to the development trend of the food industry.
Secondary fermentation to catch up with modern equipment, retain flavor and quality
It is reported that an enterprise is a well-known old-fashioned enterprise in the food industry and enjoys the reputation of “Bread King”. Behind the hundred-year brand to the new products of the national tide, we insist on the combination of traditional crafts and modern technology, and continue to innovate to give new vitality to the old brand. According to reports, in order to maintain the pure and delicate taste of the big fruit bread, the traditional secondary fermentation method is still adhered to, that is, the first fermentation is 4 hours, the second time is 2 hours, and the ordinary fermentation method takes only one hour. Although it is time consuming, laborious, and expensive, it retains taste and nutrition.
It should be noted that while adhering to the traditional secondary fermentation method, enterprises must also use modern equipment, such as proofing boxes and ovens, to accurately grasp the proofing, baking time, temperature and humidity to better ensure the bread. The taste and quality of the flavor.
For example, the proofing box is mainly designed according to the requirements of the bread fermentation process, and has an automatic control system. The user can adjust the temperature and humidity according to the process requirements, and help the baking process to complete the post-fermentation process, thereby ensuring the subsequent processing quality.
Inheriting traditional crafts, making tea open for industrialization
As one of the traditional commodities, with the reform and opening up of China, the tea industry has also undergone a series of reforms. Chinese tea people have been working hard to improve traditional tea. Make Chinese tea bigger and stronger. The small pot of tea has solved the contradiction between the inheritance of traditional crafts and the innovation of the tea industry. According to relevant personnel, on the basis of the traditional tea-making process, small pot tea has initially realized industrialization and mechanization, and has begun research and development of new technologies such as “clean and continuous” and “intelligent industrialization”.
In addition, the tea master can use the heat, feel, time to control the details of the process of determining the quality of the tea, but also formed the ability to adjust the taste, solve the relationship between process and quality. It is urgent to solve the traditional tea-making process by using the traditional tea-making equipment to effectively inherit the traditional tea-making process. For example, the parameters and system of tea making are not static, and it is necessary to adjust the temperature, time, fermentation conditions, and baking requirements in real time according to environmental changes.
Switch to natural ingredients additives to promote intelligent upgrades
When it comes to additives, everyone must talk about the "agent" discoloration. As people's demand for healthy, nutritious and safe foods, beverages and other products increase, it also points out a certain direction for the development of the company's product chain. While adhering to the traditional process, a processing company will also use natural ingredients additives instead of the additives in the old products of the new products, seasoning with orange juice, scenting with orange oil, and retaining the traditional taste. After nearly eight years of development, the company has been deeply cultivating the Beijing market and has once again become a favorite product of consumers.
In addition, the author understands that in order to better meet the needs of current automation and intelligent development, the company will also carry out intelligent transformation of existing production lines from 2019 to 2021 to realize automation from order to production and delivery. In the future, we will realize the intelligent production mode of consumers' online ordering and customized products, better understand the market demand, adjust the product line in time, and better meet the consumer needs of market differentiation and diversification, and enhance the market competitiveness.


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