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Biomass hot air oven to dry food


Biomass hot air oven to dry food

Biomass hot air oven to dry food

HG Admin 10-07-2020

With the harvesting and listing of a large number of wheat in 2019, what should be done before the environmental protection of coal-fired grain dryers? The problem of biomass hot-air stove drying, the environmentally friendly particulate fuel burned by biomass hot-blast stoves, and environmental protection problems are solved.
Why should wheat be dried? If there is no drying, there is no problem with the environmental protection of the grain dryer.
Wheat is one of the main food crops in China, and its planting area covers North China, East China, Central China, Northwest China, Northeast China and Inner Mongolia. The water we just harvested from the ground is generally 18-25%. If the harvest is humid, the moisture is as high as 30%. The high water is the main reason why the wheat should be dried. Just now, the wheat just received. It is 18-25%, and the ambient temperature after harvesting is generally between 15 °C and 25 °C. According to past experience, wheat is easily moldy under the conditions of temperature 15 to 25 ° C and moisture humidity of 18-25%. Become spoiled. Moreover, in some wheat producing areas, due to the weather, the moisture of the harvested wheat is still more than 30%. In addition to the internal moisture of the wheat grain, there is a large amount of free water, which is easy to cause wheat germination. Therefore, if the moisture of wheat is too high, it is difficult to store, so we have to choose drying treatment to ensure the quality of wheat.
What should I do if the coal-fired grain dryer is not environmentally friendly?
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's agricultural mechanization level and the mechanized centralized harvesting of wheat has become the norm, and China's wheat production has increased year by year, the traditional natural drying has been unable to meet the time requirements of wheat processing, and the weather is changing, the rural labor shortage There are fewer and fewer food drying places, which has led many farmers to directly sell high-water wheat to centralized acquisition points, which has led to the promotion and popularization of scientific mechanical dryers. Traditional dryers generally use coal as a heat source for drying. However, because of environmental problems, coal-fired hot-blast stoves are not allowed to be applied on dryers. So many farmers have headaches. I don’t know what kind of energy to choose. Instead of coal, and the profit of grain drying itself is low, what is the cost increase by choosing other energy sources?
The biomass hot blast stove is used to replace the original coal-fired hot blast stove. A drying unit for drying 90 tons of wheat requires only less than 80,000 pieces of investment, which can achieve environmentally friendly drying. The biomass hot blast stove adopts advanced biomass pellet combustion technology. Based on the environmental characteristics of biomass pellet fuel, it adopts intelligent plc control technology to match different drying processes according to different grains, different environmental conditions and different needs of users. , to achieve intelligent drying adjustment. Compared with the biomass hot blast stove and the coal-fired hot blast stove, the drying cost is almost no increase, which is why the user chooses the biomass hot blast stove instead of the coal hot blast stove.
Biomass hot blast stove replaces coal-fired hot blast stove in a large number of grain dryers, which not only solves environmental problems, but also improves the drying efficiency of wheat. The key cost is hardly increased. The biomass hot blast stove replaces the coal hot blast stove and the grain is dried. The problem of environmental protection is not solved, and it effectively avoids the damage caused by mildew after harvest, so that farmers do not cut production due to environmental problems.


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