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Analysis of the barrier testing of biscuits packaging


Analysis of the barrier testing of biscuits packaging

Analysis of the barrier testing of biscuits packaging

HG Admin 10-07-2020

Biscuit is a casual food that people like to eat. In recent years, in order to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition, biscuit manufacturers have not only made great achievements in the health, nutrition and flavor of products, but also constantly innovated the packaging of biscuits. In addition to the more exquisite design,food machinery manufacturers pay more attention to the function of packaging, especially the barrier performance, that is, the moisture and oxidation resistance of the packaging.
The biscuit is made by baking, and the water content is mostly below 10%, generally 4-6%, so it is crispy and delicious. Once the moisture is absorbed, the water content increases, the biscuit softens, and the quality and taste will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the key function of the biscuit packaging should have good moisture resistance. Plastic film is a good moisture-proof packaging material, and it is widely used in biscuit packaging. For testing the moisture resistance of plastic films, Labthink's moisture permeability tester can be used. The instrument implements the national plastic moisture permeability test standard GB1037. The method is to maintain a certain vapor pressure difference on both sides of the sample at a certain temperature. The amount of such steam can be used to obtain the moisture permeability coefficient and moisture permeability to achieve the purpose of controlling and adjusting the technical indicators of packaging materials and meeting the needs of product applications. The test process is controlled automatically by the computer. The test is fast and the data is reliable. Before the test, just enter the experimental parameters into the control panel, the rest of the process will be completed automatically after the start of the test, and give the test results and test report. Through computer processing, the samples can be classified for testing and storage. When conducting historical query on the test data, you can get the historical records of a certain type of sample, data dynamic analysis chart, to achieve a comprehensive analysis and monitoring of the production process.

Another notable feature of biscuit products is that they contain more fat, especially cookies and nuts-containing biscuits are high-fat and high-fat foods. It is easy to cause the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids due to the presence of oxygen, resulting in rancidity. The pungent Hara taste seriously affects the quality of biscuits. Therefore, the oxygen barrier properties of the biscuits packaging cannot be ignored. The gas barrier test can be detected and controlled using a gas permeability tester. Jinan Languang's BTY-B1 gas permeability tester has wide compatibility in terms of implementation standards, design principles, test methods, etc. The instrument uses " "Principle of differential pressure test", to maintain a certain gas pressure difference on both sides of the sample, the gas permeates from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side, by measuring the change of the gas pressure on the low-pressure side, the air permeability and the air permeability coefficient are calculated. At the end of the test, the test report is automatically popped up, the computer monitors the whole process, the dual protection function of software and hardware, and the intelligent design greatly shortens the test time.
In summary, whether it is a manufacturer or user of biscuit packaging materials, by analyzing and testing the properties of the materials, they can better grasp the properties of the materials, help protect the flavor and quality of the products, and control the costs more scientifically


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