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The nutritional truth about common biscuits


The nutritional truth about common biscuits

The nutritional truth about common biscuits

HG Admin 06-08-2021

Soda crackers: low in cellulose, B vitamins disappeared

Soda biscuits contain less sugar and oil, and are added with yeast. They have a unique fragrance of fermented products. They are often regarded as the most nutritious in biscuits, and they are also used as breakfast by many people. But this is not the case. In order to make the biscuits reach the layer effect, baking soda will be added. Baking soda will reduce the B vitamins in the flour, and even make them disappear.

Cookies: high sugar, high fat, low protein

The sugar and fat in cookies are higher than other types of cookies. A small cookie often has more calories than a cup of strawberry juice! The raw material for crisper cookies is "low-gluten flour", which is wheat flour with less protein. This kind of biscuits is not as high in protein as steamed bread.

Wafer biscuits: high-calorie, low-density structure, not easy to notice if you eat too much

Different from other biscuits, wafer biscuits are mainly made of millet flour (glutinous rice flour) and starch, which are slightly more nutritious than refined white flour. But the butter fat content in the wafers is very high, an average of 60 calories per piece, and the density is low, and it is not full to eat, so it is not easy to notice if you eat too much.

Sandwich biscuits: "Heart" is additive synthesis, no fruit materials

Sandwich biscuits are sandwich bakery products in which sugar, fat or jam are added between two biscuits as the main raw materials. The "heart" in sandwich biscuits uses additives for the pursuit of taste and color, usually flavors and colors, and few fruit materials are actually added. Although additives are not necessarily harmful, they do not bring nutrition and may not be as good as simple biscuits. .

Wholemeal biscuits: improve nutrition but also increase the amount of fat

Whole-wheat biscuits with higher cellulose content have poor cellulose taste. To make up for the taste, manufacturers often add a lot of oil to the biscuits, resulting in higher oil content. But if the so-called whole-wheat, oatmeal, rye, five-grain biscuits and other raw materials advertised on the packaging rank the bottom few in the ingredient list, they may not be real cereal biscuits.

Tough biscuits: less fat

Tough biscuits have less fat than other biscuits. Add eggs and sugar to high-end tough biscuits to improve nutrition and taste better.

Crisp biscuits: there are nutrients, but more fat

Crisp biscuits have improved nutrition compared to ordinary tough biscuits. Generally, appropriate amounts of auxiliary materials should be added, such as dairy products, eggs, honey and other nutrients, but there are more fats.

Compressed biscuits: denser texture, resistant to hunger

Compressed biscuits are especially suitable as storage food for traveling, sailing, and mountaineering. Although the biscuits are also made of flour, the texture is relatively tight, the use of puffing agents reduces the water content, and it is not easy to absorb water, so that the active ingredients in the biscuits are more in the same volume, so it is more resistant to hunger.


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