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Pay attention to the intake of trans fatty acids in cake biscuits


Pay attention to the intake of trans fatty acids in cake biscuits

Pay attention to the intake of trans fatty acids in cake biscuits

HG Admin 02-11-2020

What is the hazard of trans fatty acids? The average daily trans fatty acid intake of residents does not exceed 1% of the total energy, which is safe. The China Bakery and Confectionery Industry Association conducted a survey on trans fatty acids and found that in products such as bread and cakes produced by regular enterprises on the market, the trans fatty acids contained in fats and oils were only a few tenths of a percent. This value is far better than the standards of Denmark, the United States and other countries.
Researchers from the Institute of Food and Nutrition of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggested that when buying food, first look at the list of ingredients, and at the same time advocate eating less fried foods and adopting a healthy diet. People who love western food, fast food, cakes and other foods should pay special attention to the intake of trans fatty acids.
It can be seen from the order of food ingredients that if vegetable oil (hydrogenated oil) is listed first, the food may contain higher trans fatty acids.

How to judge trans fat from packaging

The general food label on the food package lists ingredients such as hydrogenated vegetable oil, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, hydrogenated fat, refined vegetable oil, hydrogenated rape oil, hydrogenated palm oil, solid rape oil, ghee, artificial shortening, snow white cream or shortening, which contains trans fats .

Plant cream is cheap and favored by merchants

The cost of vegetable butter is much lower than animal butter, which is an important reason why vegetable butter is favored by most cake manufacturers. It is understood that the price of animal butter on the market is nearly three times different from vegetable butter.
Now there are companies in the market using pure cream to make baked goods, which will cost dozens of times higher than using vegetable cream, and the market supply is also small. In today's fierce market competition, no company is willing to change the production process and raw materials.

Customers who are eating good taste are welcome

In fact, it is not vegetable cream that is really harmful to the human body, but trans fatty acids. It is a harmful substance produced in the process of refining vegetable cream. Through the hydrogenation process, vegetable oils become solid or semi-solid fats, and trans fatty acids are produced in the above process. The reason why the baking industry recommends hydrogenated vegetable oils is that the products produced by this product taste good, are fragrant and easy to store.

For example, butter that does not contain trans fatty acids will be very hard, just like wax, not easy to spread on bread. Some Chinese restaurant chefs who make fried fish, croquettes, and potato chips are also worried that switching to other cooking oils will not only change the taste of the dishes, but also cost more. Foods that do not contain trans fatty acids have a poor taste, and food prices have increased significantly, so they are not welcomed by consumers.

In the 1980s, people worried that the saturated fatty acids in animal oils might be a threat to the heart, and trans fats were classified as unsaturated fats because they were derived from vegetable oils and were regarded as new and healthy products to replace animal fats. In addition, the hydrogenated plant will not smoke or turn black when fried, and the fried food will be crisp and crisp; the effect of making cakes is excellent, which can make the food taste more crisp. Because it is not perishable, it can significantly prolong the shelf life of food, and its low cost makes trans fatty acids widely used in food processing: instead of natural cream to make cake coatings, replacement of cocoa butter to produce chocolate, and replacement of various vegetable oils and animals Fat and oil is also used as oil for fried food.

International trend to limit trans fat

In recent years, countries around the world have restricted trans fatty acids in foods. Denmark is the first country to legislate to restrict trans fatty acids. Since June 1, 2003, the amount of trans fatty acids in foods shall not exceed 2% of the fat content. In 2004, the US Food and Drug Administration (fda) also stipulated that from 2006 onwards, all food labels must include the content of trans fatty acids in the column of nutrients. Since then, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and other countries have successively formulated limits for artificial fat in food. South Korea has marked the content of trans fatty acids on food packaging since December 2007, and Japan has established a limit standard for the content of trans fatty acids in margarine, and reminded consumers to reduce their food intake. New York City issued a law to ban all restaurants in the city (including fast food chains) from using artificial trans fatty acids, becoming the first city in the United States to completely ban trans fatty acids in the catering industry. California restaurants in the United States have also banned the use of trans fat-containing cooking oil and margarine since 2010. This ban will be extended to all baked goods in 2011. Violators will face fines ranging from US$25 to US$1,000.



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