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More snack industry chooses food machinery from China


More snack industry chooses food machinery from China

More snack industry chooses food machinery from China

HG Admin 09-04-2021

The snack industry in my country started in the 1970s. After the 1980s, with the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of some snacks is also increasing. Puffed food has been used as a snack in ordinary people's families for several years. With its unique taste, a wide range of varieties gradually occupies a place in the food market, and the structure of food has gradually been transformed into taste, nutrition and enjoyment. Snacks have gradually become new favorites on the food market and indispensable for urban life. companion. The puffed food sales survey in recent years shows that the puffed food market is becoming more and more mature. In recent years, a variety of puffed foods, including French fries, shrimp strips, chicken rings, chicken strips, chicken slices, etc., have attracted attention with their bright colors, eye-catching packaging, flavors, and strong advertising campaigns. The young and old in China, especially children and young people, have a special affection for them.
My country's snack market has a market size of tens of billions, and in recent years it has been growing exponentially, and the growth rate is 20% higher than the average growth rate of the food market. . China has a large population and a high level of consumption. Snacks are creating many new market opportunities and have enormous consumer potential.
"Functionality, fashion, brand efficiency, segmentation and differentiation" have become the only way for snack companies to expand their market territory. Only if we realize the "five modernizations" can we win the market.
1. Functionalization: the trend of the snack market
As for the global food market, the market for healthy natural snacks continues to expand. In Western countries, people prefer low-oil potato foods and snacks made from fruits and vegetables, and their sales momentum is increasing. In China, as the Chinese pay more attention to health concepts, consumers pay more and more attention to the quality and health of snacks. Healthy and functional foods will be the mainstream of the snack market in the future. There are more and more ways to make products with certain functions through technological innovation and the addition of nutrients, and the snack market has waged a "health war". For example, the relationship between snacking and obesity has attracted increasing attention. Childhood obesity has become a major problem in urban families. According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 18% of urban Chinese children between the ages of 6 and 11 are overweight, more than three times more than 12 years ago. For women who love beauty, it is even more "fat talk". Therefore, it is popular to eat snacks that do not gain weight and even functional snacks that can control weight and lose weight.
2. Fashion: an important strategy for sandwiches to compete in the market
In addition to functionalization, the current consumer demand for snacks has another characteristic: fashion. Compared to other common consumers, conventional snack consumers prefer to try new brands. 58.4% of people are interested in new brands and new products and will often try them.
Therefore, fashion has become an important strategy for the snack industry to compete for consumers.
Fashion includes all aspects such as brand positioning, brand name, product packaging, product taste, product function, brand slogan, promotional media, and advertising content. Only by constantly communicating with consumers, with the market and with the times, can snack companies truly market fashion.
3. Brand efficiency: realize the monopoly of brand products
Fourth, segmentation: to achieve a precise coupling of the product's points of sale and consumer demand.
The total snack market in China is huge and has unlimited potential. But no matter how big a company is, it is impossible to access the entire market of 1.3 billion people. On the one hand, there are too many buyers and they are too dispersed, and their needs are very different; on the other hand, there are huge differences in the ability of companies to satisfy different markets. Therefore, every company must find a market segment that it can satisfy.
For the snack market, in addition to age and gender segmentation, it can also be segmented by occupation, income, education, consumer demand, consumer psychology, lifestyle, and consumer personality. For example, according to lifestyle, consumers can be divided into simple, fashionable, luxurious, etc., according to personality, consumers can be divided into passive, communicative, command, etc., according to consumer demand, snacks can be divided into basic type, flavor type, nutrition type, value type, enjoyment type, etc.
Through consumer segmentation, identify the product's target consumer group, according to the characteristics and needs of the target consumer group, make the precise coupling of product outlets and consumer needs, let your brand leave a clear position in the hearts of consumers, and make yourself Products occupy an irreplaceable and important place in the hearts of specific consumers. In this way, companies can do so in their own market segments.
5. Differentiation: do not compete with the competition and take advantage of greater commercial opportunities.
With the rapid economic development, the technology, staff and information of various snack companies have a great openness and punctuality, and new products will be quickly imitated when they are launched. Other aspects such as price, advertising, after-sales service, packaging, etc. they are also easily imitated by companies that implement follow-up strategies. As a result, the product has undergone serious "homogenization". At this time, you need to give consumers a reason to accept your brand and your products, so that consumers can easily distinguish between them.
The effective way to distinguish is "differentiation." The core value of "differentiation" is to extract the "different" and to shape the personality of the products and brands themselves.
Differentiated marketing must be based on the segmentation of the target market. The opportunity to implement differentiation and form your own personality and core competitiveness comes from the market and consumers. On the surface, the multitude of consumers are buying the same product, but in fact the purpose of consumption and consumer psychology are different, which means that what customers buy can be fundamentally different: buying a package of cookies and some buy its nutritional value, some buy it in warm and comfortable packaging, some buy it with just the right amount, and some even buy the emotional memory of first love. And so. This type of "differentiation" thinking adjusts to the purchasing purpose and psychology of the customer to determine if they are the end consumer.
We have found that people's love of puffed food goes beyond words, even if we know that puffed food will do some harm to people's health. For example, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are prone to satiety, the normal diet is prone to obesity, mental development is impaired, multiple nutrients are not guaranteed or supplied, and side effects such as malnutrition. Go eat puffed food. You can see that puffed food is deeply ingrained in people's hearts. In addition, consumers can strengthen their own protection awareness and carefully select various tips to identify whether there are quality problems in food to prevent diseases from entering the mouth. When you come across food safety and quality issues, you must dare to be honest and argue arguments, so that lawbreakers, unscrupulous companies, and irresponsible food producers and operators have nowhere to hide.

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