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The competition of the potato chip production line industry is fierce


The competition of the potato chip production line industry is fierce

The competition of the potato chip production line industry is fierce

HG Admin 10-07-2020

According to the estimates of the United Nations Development and International Potato Center, the potatoes directly eaten by countries in the world are less than 50% of the total output. my country's potato planting area reaches 4.67 million hm2, and the annual fresh potato volume is 65 million tons, ranking first in the world. However, my country's per capita potato consumption is very low, only about 18kg, and 90% of them are fresh. my country's potato processing rate accounts for only about 4% of the total output. Compared with United Nations statistics, my country's current overall processing level of potato food is about 20 years behind the level of the world's industrialized countries.
The establishment of potato powder and processed products, starch, special starch, potato instant food and other product series, so that the potato processing industry has become a new economic growth point in the central and western regions.
Fried potato chips, compound potato chips, quick-frozen french fries are three kinds of potato snack foods that have developed rapidly in the Chinese market
Deep-fried potato chips are the most common potato food on the market in my country. It is also a relatively fast-developing potato food processing project in China.
With the development of world science and technology and the emergence of new processes and new materials in the past 50 years, especially the rapid development of packaging materials, packaging machinery and packaging technology, the processing and production of fried potato chips has formed a huge Industry, the global annual sales of fried potato chips have exceeded 20 billion US dollars, and the annual sales of Pepsi Foods in the United States alone have exceeded 8 billion US dollars.
Since the late 1980s, my country has introduced more than 30 fried potato chips production lines from the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Finland. The total annual production and sales of fried potato chips in the country is estimated to be about 40,000 to 50,000 tons, most of which are processed and produced by my country's imported equipment. Among them, only about 10 companies have annual production and sales volume above 2000t. At present, there are not many enterprises that use domestic equipment to produce potato chips.
In addition to the technical level of fried potato chips produced by the Chinese Agricultural Machinery Institute or some food machinery factories, most of the domestic equipment is backward in technology, with low output, poor quality, and large consumption.

The compound potato chip is a round thin film compounded with potato snowflake powder as the main raw material. It was first invented by Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) in 1970 and has only a history of more than 30 years. It has the characteristics of composite canning, long shelf life, easy to carry, and can be taken in batches. It has become a popular snack food in the world. Now, the production of compound potato chips has developed to South America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and other Asian countries and regions except the United States. It is estimated that the annual sales of compound potatoes worldwide have exceeded 1 billion yuan.
Potato food processing is a high-profit project. In addition, it can also lead to the improvement of potato varieties in potato-growing areas and the increase of yield, increase farmers' income, and promote regional economic development, which has great political and economic significance for the development of the Midwest.
The food packaging industry of China's potato chip production line should proceed from reality and take the path of introducing technology and combining with independent innovation. It is difficult to develop entirely on independent innovation. my country's potato chip production line food packaging industry is relying on comparative advantages to embark on the road of development. The first is the advantage of Chinese character information processing; the second is the advantage of talents. It is impossible to fight hard with foreign manufacturers from a comprehensive manufacturing level. There are many disciplines involved in the automatic technology of food packaging machinery for potato chip production lines. "Some enterprises can solve it by themselves, and some must solve it jointly with relevant professional enterprises or research institutes. As for the environmental protection products, the research involves a wider range, so in these aspects, our independent The sense of innovation is not enough!"
It is understood that the traditional potato chip production line food packaging machinery mostly adopts mechanical control, such as cam distribution shaft type, and later there have been photoelectric control, pneumatic control and other control forms. With the increasing improvement of food processing technology, the requirements for food packaging parameters of potato chip production lines are increasing. The original control system has been difficult to meet the development of new forms, and integrates machine, electricity, gas, light, health, and electromagnetic integration. The mechanical and electronic equipment used in the food and potato chips production line and food packaging machinery is designed to improve the automation of the food packaging machinery in the potato chip production line. By combining the research and development of the potato chip production line food packaging machinery with the computer, the mechatronics control can be achieved .
For the healthy and orderly development of the food packaging industry of the food and potato chip production line, Tan Junqiao, a senior consultant of the food packaging machine of the Chinese food and potato chip production line, suggested: fully promote the reorganization of enterprise assets and accelerate the establishment of a modern enterprise system; based on technological innovation, increase independent innovation; Gradually promote the production and operation mode of "big strong and junior college", ydsdnbeh formed a "differentiated" market competition system; attach importance to the green potato chip production line food packaging to prevent pollution and attach importance to environmental protection.
For the potato chip production line companies, competition in the industry has always existed and is fierce. Under the mechanism of survival of the fittest in the market, a group of enterprises with no advantages and characteristics and lack of competitiveness are destined to be eliminated, so the more difficult it is, Innovative ideas, excellent quality, advanced technology and a fixed customer base are becoming increasingly important.


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