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The basics tips of baking


The basics tips of baking

The basics tips of baking

HG Admin 10-07-2020

1.Sifting of flour
Place a thicker paper under the fine mesh screen or directly sift it on the chopping board. Place the flour into the sieve and sieve it twice. automatic biscuit machine will make the flour fluffy and the quality of the cake will be better. Add other dry powder materials and sieve again to allow all materials to be thoroughly mixed together. If there is an additive such as baking powder, it is more necessary to sieve with the flour.

2.Egg yolk and protein separate
Lightly smother the eggshell on the side of the bowl, knock the eggshell in half, and between the two half of the eggshell, quickly pour the egg yolk down and let the protein flow into the bowl. Of course, there are still egg yolk and protein separators. Just knock it down and you will be OK! When making a cake, if the egg whites and egg yolks need to be separated, they must be very clean. Fresh eggs with a rough surface. Eggs that are not fresh, have a smooth surface and sometimes black spots, and the egg yolk is easily broken.

3.Milled lemon peel
Grind the lemon peel with or without wax on the thinnest side of the grinder, but do not grind the white soft inner layer with a bitter taste under the skin. If the lemon peel is scraped with a scraper, it will be longer.

4.Melting of solid cream
Some cakes need to be filled with solid cream. We need to melt it beforehand. Just put the cream in a bowl and then melt it into a thin paste in the oven.

5.Melted chocolate
Peel the whole piece of chocolate into small pieces and place in a heat-resistant bowl. Place the bowl on the saucepan and heat it with water. Leave it for about five minutes, stirring occasionally until the chocolate melts. Also note that it is best to melt the water temperature between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius!

6.Bleached pistachios
Throw the peeled pistachio into hot water for 2~3 minutes. After draining, remove the epidermis and wait until it is completely dry before use.

7.Homemade bread crumbs
Spread the bread that is not fresh and remove the skin on the grid, and bake for 45 to 60 minutes with 140? until it is crisp and golden brown. After cooling, tear it into pieces; grind it into powder with a food processor, or place it in a plastic bag and crush it with a hanging stick. Finally, it is sieved with a fine mesh sieve to remove the coarser bread flour.

8.Sending fresh cream
Pour the whipped cream into a bowl and stir with a spherical eggbeater or electric mixer until a soft hill tip is formed and the peak has been bent down. If you use it to squeeze flowers, you have to stir until the top is a bit hard; but be careful not to overshoot the fire, especially in a warm environment, otherwise the cream will condense and even spread out.

9.Butter or white oil
Frozen butter or white oil cannot be made. It should be softened naturally at room temperature before use. Do not heat. If you want to add liquids such as egg juice or juice, you need to put it in little by little, otherwise the butter will not be absorbed and will be separated and fragmented.


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