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Scientific instruments help food nutrition testing


Scientific instruments help food nutrition testing

Scientific instruments help food nutrition testing

HG Admin 10-07-2020

"I don't lose weight in April, and I am sad in June." Nowadays, short sleeves, hot pants and small skirts have been turned over. "The weather is getting hot, but I am still a fat man." The arrival of summer has made many people, especially girls, lose their desire to lose weight.
Losing weight is an idea that almost every girl has more or less had it, but most girls who want to lose weight have a kind of "failure" that can't keep their mouths and can't open their legs, and the cost of liposuction is high. The risk is high, the medicine is worried about side effects, the diet is painful, and the health is easy to rebound. Therefore, they always have a way to lose weight when lying down to help them quickly and easily become a lightning bolt.
It is necessary to be cautious in losing weight. It is not suitable for long-term consumption.
Stimulated by the demand for “lazy weight loss”, meal replacement food came into being. Meal foods, as the name implies, are foods that replace some or all of the meals. They are usually ground flours of whole grains, which are characterized by low calorie, low sugar, high fiber and easy to satiety. These meal replacement powders, meal replacement bars, and meal replacement milkshakes are marked with the banner of “slack without hungry belly”, which pokes the hearts of thousands of dieters and quickly becomes popular in the market.
But are these meal replacement foods really healthy? In fact, there are many cases of health problems caused by over-reliance on meal replacement foods. At the beginning of this year, a girl suffered from poor nutrition and suffered from kidney failure due to long-term consumption of meal replacement foods. Prior to this, there was also a girl who insisted on eating meal replacement food for a long time and eventually stunned with cardiac arrest. Many food substitute food consumers have reported that they often feel tired after eating food for a period of time, lack of concentration, or endocrine disorders, anemia, anorexia, etc., and some people say that once they stop using weight, they will rebound quickly. .
It is understood that although the meal replacement food can provide certain nutrition for the human body, its nutrition is not comprehensive, and it is not enough to maintain the normal functioning of the human body, such as protein. Usually, the protein content of meal replacement foods is very small, which is not enough to cope with the needs of the human body. Long-term consumption of such meal replacement foods will result in insufficient protein in the body, which will deteriorate the ability of body cells to repair and reduce immunity. Therefore, relying on meal replacement foods to lose weight, you need to be cautious.
Nutritional balance is also needed for weight loss. Scientific instruments help to detect nutrients.
Losing weight does not mean that nutrient intake is prohibited. Healthy weight loss also emphasizes balanced diet. How to protect the food you eat is nutritious? In addition to a balanced diet, testing the nutritional content of food is also a way.
Food nutrient detection refers to the use of professional testing equipment to detect food, by analyzing the test data to determine the type of nutrients in the food, the amount of nutrients, and then determine the nutritional value of the food, to guide people to buy their own food.
Different instruments are used for the detection of different nutrients contained in the food. In the detection of fatty acids contained in food, we use Soxhlet extractor, constant temperature water bath, balance, electric blast drying oven and other instruments to extract and weigh free fat to calculate the content of fatty acids in food; It can detect fatty acids in food. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer can detect trace mineral elements such as iron, magnesium, copper and zinc in food. Flame atomic absorption spectrometry can be used for the determination of elements such as calcium and iron. High performance liquid chromatography helps us determine monosaccharides and disaccharides in food. The calorie that the weight loss group is most concerned with can also be detected by means of a calorie analyzer and a calorimeter.
These test data can benefit consumers. In most of China's food packaging, I can see a list of nutrients, including carbohydrates, protein, minerals, fat, etc. These data are important references for many people in choosing foods to avoid diabetes. Patients, "three high" patients, cardiovascular disease patients and other consumer groups buy foods that are not good for their health. Weight loss groups can also buy low-fat, low-calorie foods by focusing on the nutrient composition table.
Heart of beauty in everyone. It is not wrong to want to be beautiful, but the body is the revolutionary capital, and weight loss cannot be at the expense of health. Control food intake, balanced diet, and more exercise is the scientific way to lose weight.


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