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Puffed food packaging should pay attention to matters


Puffed food packaging should pay attention to matters

Puffed food packaging should pay attention to matters

HG Admin 10-07-2020

Puffed snack food is a new type of food that appeared in the late 1960s. Because the structure of this kind of food is fluffy, the taste is crisp, sweet and has a certain nutritional value, it is very popular among people, especially children. Due to the special taste of puffed snack foods, the requirements for external packaging are relatively high. The following are several important factors that affect the shelf life of puffed snack foods:
1. The barrier properties of the packaging materials are good or bad. The packaging form of puffed snack foods is relatively simple, and it is generally customary to use plastic composite pillow bags as packaging for products. There are many kinds of plastic composite packaging materials, and there are many kinds of composite combinations, including plastic-plastic composite, paper-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite. Through different composite combinations, it can meet the requirements of different foods on packaging strength, sealing, oxygen barrier, water resistance and light blocking. The water-blocking and oxygen barrier properties of the puffed snack food packaging directly affect the quality of the product during the shelf life. This test can solve the problems of oxidative deterioration, moisture-induced mouthfeel, and mildew caused by sensitivity to oxygen or water vapor. At present, China's standard for the detection of the breathability of packaging materials is GB/T 1038, which specifies the gas barrier performance of packaging materials using the differential pressure test principle; the moisture permeability test standard is GB/T 1037, using weighing The principle of the test method is to test the moisture permeability of plastic films, composite films and the like. The company can choose Labthink VAC-V1 differential pressure gas permeation instrument and W3/060 water vapor transmission rate test system. The instrument strictly implements relevant standards, the equipment is controlled by computer, the test automation is high, the test precision is high, and the performance is stable. . In addition to oxygen, VAC-V1 test gas also includes nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases to meet different testing needs of customers.
2. The air content in the top of the bag. Puffed snack foods are fragile. In the process of production, transportation and sales, the products should be protected from mechanical or external extrusion, and such foods are susceptible to moisture and oxidation. Therefore, puffed snack foods are generally filled with inert gas nitrogen. If there is too much residual oxygen in the package, it will easily cause microbial growth, resulting in mildew and deterioration of the product. For this type of packaging, the HGA-01 Headspace Air Analyzer can be used to analyze and analyze residual oxygen to guide the shelf life of the product.
3. The sealing performance of the package is good or bad. Puffed snack foods are products that are highly susceptible to moisture and oxidative deterioration. In addition to controlling the barrier properties of packaging materials, it is also necessary to ensure the sealing reliability of the entire package to avoid contamination and deterioration of the product due to leakage. The poor sealing performance is mainly due to the sealing part, so the focus of the sealing test should pay attention to whether the sealing part has leakage. The sealing part may leak due to insufficient heat sealing performance and sealing strength. The sealing strength (heat sealing strength) can be tested by Labthink's XLW (PC) intelligent electronic tensile testing machine according to QB/T 2358 standard. The sample preparation can be tested, and the instrument is easy to operate and powerful. For the inspection of the overall sealing of the package, the MFY-01 sealing tester with the principle of negative pressure can be used to place the packaging bag in the vacuum tank containing the water of the MFY-01 sealing tester, and the vacuum tank is vacuumed to generate a negative pressure. Under the action of the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the bag, the determination is made by manual visual inspection, and if there is continuous bubble generation, the leak is determined. If you need to quantitatively check the sealing and leakage performance of moon cake bags, you can use LSSD-01 leakage and seal strength tester.


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