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Main contents of food machinery selection


Main contents of food machinery selection

Main contents of food machinery selection

HG Admin 10-07-2020

Equipment selection depth: extensive market research and collection of information, investigation of relevant manufacturers of food processing equipment, multi-channel, multi-channel collection of relevant equipment; at the same time survey and visit equipment users, understand the use of the equipment, focus Master the evaluation of devices by different users. Propose the details of equipment selection. On the basis of collecting sufficient equipment data and user visits, the details of the equipment to be selected are proposed. The details include the equipment name, specification model, production capacity, supporting power, equipment quantity, equipment price and Manufacturers, etc.; select the equipment supply method, including equipment manufacturing cycle, payment method, equipment inspection method, packaging and transportation methods. If it is proposed to introduce foreign equipment, it will be implemented in accordance with the national import equipment management method. If ultra-large, overweight, and ultra-high equipment is selected, the corresponding transportation measures and installation technical measures should be proposed when the equipment is selected; if the original equipment is used and modified, the transformation plan should be proposed and the modified technology should be analyzed. Economic effect; determine the equipment selection recommendation scheme, after the selected equipment is selected by multiple factors, propose the equipment selection recommendation scheme, and confirm it through expert demonstration and other methods.
The technical parts of the equipment selection scheme: the degree of guarantee for the food processing by the equipment scheme, mainly including the degree of satisfaction of the equipment on the construction scale and product scheme, the degree of guarantee for the quality of food processing and the requirements of the production process; the service life, reliability and materials of the equipment Consumption index, operation requirements, guarantee degree of spare parts to the project; technical conditions for equipment installation and commissioning, maintenance technical service, and required equipment investment to meet the project; equipment supporting requirements, new technologies and equipment to be used After technical appraisal and industrial test prove to be mature technology, the equipment combination plan should realize the equipment matching of different production links, the matching of production equipment and auxiliary equipment, the matching of domestic equipment and imported equipment, and the matching of original equipment and new equipment. The production capacity of the equipment shall be set according to the scale of production and appropriate, and shall be compatible with the output of the product; the material requirements of the equipment plan shall be used for food processing areas and equipment and utensils that may come into contact with food, which shall not produce toxins or Materials made of odor or odor, non-absorbent, corrosion-resistant and capable of withstanding repeated cleaning and disinfection, the materials of the equipment and piping that are in direct contact with the material shall not chemically react with the material.
The direct contact surface with the material shall be smooth, flat, easy to clean and corrosion resistant; the manufacturing requirements of the equipment program shall be such that the structure of the food processing equipment shall prevent product contamination, the contact surface of the product and the inner packaging material are easy to clean, disinfect and repair; the food contact surface Smooth, no dents or cracks should be used to minimize the growth of microorganisms, pay attention to the safety protection of equipment configuration; when equipment safety and health measures conflict with economic benefits, safety and health requirements should be given priority.


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