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Improvement of processing equipment lays the foundation for the sustainable development of the biscuit industry


Improvement of processing equipment lays the foundation for the sustainable development of the biscuit industry

Improvement of processing equipment lays the foundation for the sustainable development of the biscuit industry

HG Admin 09-10-2020

In recent years, under the guidance of the country's policies and guidelines for strengthening food safety management, and under the supervision and guidance of relevant government departments, the industry's food safety concepts and awareness have been continuously enhanced. It has become the consensus of the industry to provide consumers with safe and high-quality biscuit products.
   Challenges facing the industry
   Brand competition to improve technology
In the past two years, as the country has further strengthened the daily supervision of food safety, the biscuit industry’s emphasis on food safety and risk awareness has increased unprecedentedly. However, because there are still many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, these enterprises have specialized technical expertise. The staff is relatively short, the overall quality of the staff is relatively low, the factory facilities and production environment are relatively poor, and the production equipment and testing levels are relatively backward. Therefore, there is still a certain gap in raw material control, production management and many other aspects, improper use of food additives and illegal Problems such as addition also occur from time to time. Although the progress of the industry is obvious, the food safety situation is still severe, and there is still a long way to go to achieve standardized management across the industry.
   At present, small and medium-sized enterprises still account for most of the industry enterprises. These numerous small and medium-sized enterprises have low technology and management level, relatively lack of talents, production costs continue to increase, product quality cannot be reliably guaranteed, brand awareness is low, product grades and profit margins are low. In addition, small enterprises have low credit ratings, credit difficulties, and always have insufficient funds. Many of the above factors have severely restricted the innovation and development of enterprises.
With the development of society and the influence of factors such as the food safety situation in recent years, the concept of brand consumption has become more and more popular. Internationally renowned brands and large multinational companies are paying more and more attention to and investing in the Chinese market. Market competition Power is increasing day by day, and for a large number of small and medium-sized private enterprises, the contradiction between brand consumption and brand cultivation has become increasingly apparent.
  Industry development trend analysis
  Quality improvement market concentration
   Foreign and Hong Kong and Taiwan companies still occupy the leading position in the mid-to-high-end market, leading the industry. Although domestic companies have many bright spots, they still face great difficulties if they want to break through the bottleneck and achieve leapfrog development.
   In recent years, there are still many bright spots in the development of domestic private enterprises, and their competitiveness is gradually increasing. In the next few years, private enterprises will continue to be the main force in my country's low-end biscuit market. But at the same time, we should also see that compared with foreign multinational companies, there are still large gaps in all aspects, especially in talent training and use, enterprise management, new product development and marketing, etc. There is still a large gap. Therefore, domestic biscuit companies If we want to break through the bottleneck and achieve leapfrog development, we still need unremitting efforts and a long way to go.
   Large and medium-sized private enterprises coexist with risks and opportunities. Strengthening self-discipline, insisting on people-oriented, and moving towards standardized management is the only way for the sustainable development of enterprises.
Since the reform and opening up, private enterprises in the domestic biscuit industry have grown from small to large, from small to large, and from weak to strong. Now they have become the main force of low-end products in the biscuit industry, and some companies have the strength to impact the high-end market. Private enterprises have written an indelible chapter for the development and progress of my country's biscuit industry. But now, facing the slowdown of the overall economic situation and the squeeze of strong foreign brands, the development situation is not optimistic. There are not a few private biscuit companies facing operational difficulties. Increasing the ability of enterprises to resist risks is timeless.
   At present, the production conditions of most large and medium-sized private enterprises in the biscuit industry have been greatly improved. Although there is still a certain gap between the production hardware and multinational companies, it should not be a major problem. The main problem is that there is a bigger gap in the introduction, training and use of talents, as well as in product development and brand effects. Private enterprises should focus on cultivating a group of backbone elites who are proud of the company, coexist and develop with the company, only in this way can they seek development in survival, cultivate their brand in development, and implement sustainable development.
  Industry competition mode will gradually merge from single product competition into capital operation and other methods, and industry concentration will gradually increase.
   In recent years, the trend of mergers and acquisitions and integration in the domestic biscuit industry has become increasingly obvious. With the intensification of market competition in the biscuit industry and the slowdown of domestic and international economic development, the scale and brand effect of enterprises have become more advantageous. In the future, more small and medium sized biscuit companies will be forced to reorganize or close down. Foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises with a certain scale will accelerate their development in the competition, and the market concentration will continue to increase. However, it is expected that there will be no monopoly situation in which a very small number of manufacturers monopolize the market for a long time.
  Industry competition has changed from direct market competition to diversified competition, such as the capital operation of powerful companies directly acquiring or holding other companies. In the future, the concentration of China's biscuit industry will gradually increase and operations will be more orderly.
  The industry breakthrough bottleneck response strategy
   Innovative management talent competition
   Aiming at the development of my country's biscuit industry in recent years, experts suggest that, first, pay attention to the introduction and training of talents. The upgrading of production environment and equipment is only the most basic link in the upgrading process of an enterprise. The upgrading of talents is the real upgrading of an enterprise. Building an excellent production and management team is the foundation of the survival and development of an enterprise. Second, focus on brand cultivation and enhance product value. Brand consumption has gradually become the mainstream of market consumption, and brand is the foundation for the survival and development of enterprises. Third, implement a standardized management strategy. Private enterprises must have a strong sense of crisis, gradually improve the quality of managers, improve management standards, and move towards standardized management. Standardized management is the only way for corporate talent strategy and sustainable development. Fourth, pay attention to the planning and use of funds, and beware of the uncertain risks caused by excessive debt ratios.
   In the past two years, my country’s economic development has entered a new normal from high-speed growth to medium-high-speed growth. The "new normal" is a new judgment made by the Party Central Committee to scientifically understand the current situation, accurately study and judge future trends, and make new judgments based on new characteristics and new trends in economic development. Understanding the new normal, adapting to the new normal, and leading the new normal are the general logic of my country's economic development at present and in the future. It is also the core issue that all colleagues in the biscuit industry need to continuously learn and understand.

At present, the foundation of my country's biscuit industry is relatively solid, and the development trend is maintained. As long as we always uphold the business philosophy of integrity, under the new economic normal and new food safety situation, we will steadily and steadily pay close attention to and earnestly implement relevant standards, policies and regulations. The industry can develop healthily and sustainably.



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