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How to buy food packaging equipment


How to buy food packaging equipment

How to buy food packaging equipment

HG Admin 10-07-2020

Under the rapid development of the food industry, and people's concern for food quality and safety, food production, packaging and other mechanical equipment industry ushered in opportunities. Because food is packaged, it can protect food from external factors and ensure food quality and safety to varying degrees. In recent years, with the development of food packaging technology, a variety of packaging equipment, such as vacuum packaging machines, modified atmosphere packaging machines, body packaging, granule packaging machines, etc., have appeared on the market. So how do users choose?
The author understands that the packaging process mainly involves four industries, including food processing industry, packaging mechanization production industry, flexible and rigid packaging materials processing industry, plastic resin and film production. Among them, in the food processing industry, there are many food packaging categories, including fresh-keeping packaging, vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, quick-freezing packaging, inflatable packaging, blister packaging, body packaging, stretch packaging and so on. The packaging characteristics are corresponding to the requirements of different foods, which can effectively guarantee the quality of the products.
Generally speaking, a general food packaging machine can only perform a simple packaging action, put the food into the packaging material, and then seal it. Nowadays, with the development and application of automation and intelligent technologies, the automation of packaging equipment is getting higher and higher, which not only makes food packaging faster and better, but also makes food packaging more novel and diversified, and meets the current market demand. It is true that users should pay attention to these four aspects when purchasing food packaging machines in order to better adapt to the food packaging industry.
First, the quality of the packaging. Although food packaging machinery can protect food and extend the container period of food. However, if the quality of the packaging equipment is not enough, the packaging machine is built with problems such as a cartoning machine, a filling machine, and a reel. For example, the cartoning machine cannot be opened or closed, and the filling machine cannot fill the material normally, which not only affects the efficiency of the entire food packaging production line, but also directly leads to unqualified food packaging, and does not play a good role in ensuring food safety.
Second, the packaging speed. At present, most food production basically achieves assembly line operations, and food packaging is only one part of the production line. If the user purchases the food packaging machine regardless of whether the packaging speed is suitable for the operation of the entire production line, or may make the packaging process and other processes unable to connect, resulting in downtime. Therefore, the user should purchase the packaging machine according to the production line, ensure that the packaging speed of the packaging machine is seamlessly connected with the running speed of other food processing equipment, and achieve efficient operation.
Third, choose the right equipment according to actual needs. Due to the variety of packaging equipment in the market, prices, comprehensive performance, and functions are different. For example, vacuum packaging machines, air-conditioning packaging machines, and body packaging machines, all three devices can protect food safety and achieve product preservation.
However, in comparison, the body packaging machine is more expensive, mostly used for high-grade meat, fruits and vegetables, food and other packaging, the other two packaging machines have been widely used in food and vegetable preservation. If it is simply to achieve the purpose of product preservation, from the perspective of cost savings, it is recommended to choose a vacuum packaging machine or a modified atmosphere packaging machine.
Fourth, packaging automation and intelligence. According to relevant forecasts, the food automation industry will reach $2.5 billion by 2022. Today, in the food industry automation and intelligentization, how to improve the automation level of the food processing industry and the food packaging industry is a problem that enterprises need to think about. With the continuous advancement of the "machine substitution" wave, many enterprises have carried out industrial upgrading and introduction of robots, and have been applied to many links such as sorting, packaging, handling, and stacking.
Among them, in the packaging process, the application of the food packaging robot not only greatly improves the production efficiency of the food packaging machine, but also improves the automation and intelligence level of the packaging machinery, and also because the packaging robot can be normally in an environment of extreme cold, high temperature and even lack of oxygen. Run to help companies save the cost of staff turnover in an abnormal workshop environment. More importantly, food packaging robots have the flexibility to package a wide range of sizes and shapes on the same packaging line, meeting the needs of a diverse food packaging market.


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