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How to buy biscuits


How to buy biscuits

How to buy biscuits

HG Admin 25-10-2021

With the acceleration of people’s life frequency, fast food products have occupied an important position in people’s lives, so the quality of biscuits is also good or bad. In this case, how should we buy biscuits, and we should pay more attention to it. What's the problem? Next, I will introduce some tips on choosing biscuits.

How to choose biscuits

1. Look at the channel

Biscuits are also commodities. Counterfeit and counterfeit phenomena occur in commodities. They can only be purchased through formal channels. Large-scale shopping malls and supermarkets generally purchase goods strictly and are relatively secure in quality. They are relatively safe to purchase.

2. Look at the packaging

After purchasing a well-known brand, it depends on the packaging. The formal biscuit packaging should include the manufacturer, factory address, telephone number, implementation standard, ingredient list and shelf life. These things are required to be stated on the food by the national standard. I got a packet of biscuits and didn’t even have the most basic date of production, so it’s better not to eat such biscuits, which would definitely be harmful to the body.

3. Look at the ingredients

After reading the packaging, we must pay attention to the core content of the biscuits-ingredients. Generally, biscuits produced in compliance with national requirements will have a product ingredient list on the label. The main ingredients on general biscuits are flour or grains, oil and sugar. It is worth noting here that if the grain is refined flour, although the The word feels that biscuits have increased to a level in an instant. In fact, the nutritional value of biscuits with only refined flour is relatively low. If other coarse grains or beans are added, the nutritional value can be improved. This means that whole wheat biscuits are more balanced than ordinary biscuits. The reason is richer.

In terms of fats, almost all biscuits use fats. Although they are the same fats, they are very different. Ordinary plants have the highest nutritional value, while animal oils such as butter, lard, and butter are not very nutritious. But even saturated fatty acids are basically not harmful to the body, while shortening, vegetable butter, and hydrogenated vegetable oil are fine. It is better to eat less.

As for the sugar content, I don't think it makes any difference. You don't need to consider this. After all, this thing is so cheap, there is no need to falsify it.

Strict attention should be paid to additives. Biscuits rarely boast that they are natural and pollution-free. Basically, all the flavors of biscuits are derived from flavors and pigments. Although it is not ruled out that high-end biscuits use fruit raw materials, it is not ruled out. Eighty and ninety biscuits are all pigments, so in the ingredient list, the less pigments and flavors appear, the less damage to the body. This is especially true for people who love to eat chocolate biscuits. Chocolate biscuits, like chocolate, have real cocoa butter. There are also cocoa butter substitutes, which can be avoided or avoided. It does not help the body.

As for the oil content, relatively speaking, biscuits with low oil content are relatively healthy. After all, most biscuits contain trans fatty acids. If you want to know the oil content, you can borrow a method commonly used on the Internet, the paper towel method, and use a piece of white. Wrap the biscuits with facial tissues and press them on with a heavy object. After 20 minutes, check how much grease is on the paper. The more oil on the paper, the higher the fat content. If it tastes crispy and not greasy, but a lot of oil permeates the paper towel, it shows that the saturated fatty acid content is high, which is even worse for health. Relatively speaking, biscuits that contain vegetables, are less salty and sweet, and have a lower fat content are healthier.

4. Smell the smell

Good biscuits should have biscuits' unique grain-like aroma, and the oil taste is relatively fresh, while bad biscuits additives and flavors will have a heavier taste. Relatively speaking, no artificial taste will cover the natural taste of biscuits, and oil may also be possible. Using low-quality, repeatedly used fats and oils, this kind of biscuit is very easy to produce the rancid taste of fat.

5. Taste the texture

Many people have misunderstandings in the choice of taste. Some think that the crisper the better, some think that the crisper the better, and some even think that the sweeter the better. In fact, this is a very fatal mistake. Good biscuits should be brought. It has the natural aroma of grains, the sweetness should be pure, not very sweet, it should not stick to the teeth when chewing, the texture should be relatively dense, and it should be crispy and crisp.


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