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How are cookies made


How are cookies made

How are cookies made

HG Admin 25-10-2022

The biscuit machinery is literally the equipment for producing biscuits. With the development of science and technology, the current biscuit machinery has actively completed the electromechanical integration from feeding to molding, drying, transportation, oil spraying, cooling, waste recycling, and can also produce various fashionable cakes. This is a great improvement both in production process and efficiency.

The process of biscuit manufacturing by biscuit machinery:

1. In order to get used to the requirements of continuous large-scale production, the hardness and softness of biscuit dough must meet the requirements of specifications to ensure that the batch of biscuits can meet the quality specifications. Therefore, the capacity of flour blender is increased. At present, the flour blender with large capacity can modulate 850kg wheat flour at a time, and a thermal sensor is installed on the mixing paddle of the flour blender. When the dough is stirred to the predetermined temperature, the power developer of the flour blender can be cut off actively. Pour the prepared dough out actively. Some also need to install a punctual controller. According to the requirements of the process design, the noodle adjusting machine can actively control the speed according to the predetermined requirements, including 151 rpm for high speed, 48 rpm for medium speed and 29 rpm for low speed. The face cylinder of the powder mixing machine is generally equipped with an active metal detector. If metal impurities are found mixed with the original one, the feeding will be stopped immediately, and the machine will announce an alarm signal and stop.

2. Molding machines are widely used abroad in multi-purpose molding machines. Generally, a new type of biscuit machine is used to combine roll printing, rolling cutting, laminating, extruding and shooting, wire cutting and other uses. The electronic alarm is used to control the thickness of the dough, so that the operator can correct the deviation in time, reduce the defective products, and ensure the smooth production.

3. The specifications of biscuits in foreign countries are generally measured by volume, and the diffusion degree of biscuits is strictly controlled to make the thickness and weight of biscuits consistent. The packaging materials are polyethylene, aluminum foil, paper composite packaging and blister packaging. Weighing, bagging and sealing are all linked. The cooked products are not polluted by human hands, and the production is both hygienic and efficient.

4. The oven of biscuit machinery The oven body for baking biscuits abroad is generally 120m long and 180mm long. Therefore, the quality of baked biscuits is good. The strong point of this electric oven is that a thermal element is installed in the front area and the back area of the oven respectively to control the temperature in the furnace. The temperature difference is actively controlled and adjusted by the electronic device, thus ensuring the uniform color and consistency of the whole batch of biscuits.


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