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Biscuit industry ushered in continuous development


Biscuit industry ushered in continuous development

Biscuit industry ushered in continuous development

HG Admin 16-06-2021

Most consumers are unaware of the price reduction of biscuit raw materials, indicating that the current price is acceptable.
It is understood that the prices of the main raw materials for biscuits such as flour, cane sugar, and edible oil have fallen sharply.
Biscuit industry raw materials all cut prices
Malaysia and Indonesia are the world's largest palm oil products, and the palm oil production of the two countries accounts for about 80% of the world's total production. High oil inventories have led to oversupply and prices have plummeted. The direct impact is that the production costs of downstream companies have been greatly reduced.
In addition to the sharp drop in palm oil prices, the prices of flour and sucrose have also fallen to varying degrees. Among them, the price of sucrose has fallen by about half, while the price of flour has fallen steadily
The market as a whole remained basically stable, with only slight fluctuations in prices in some areas, with little fluctuation. However, most flour companies and distributors reported that the recent sales progress and sales volume have dropped compared to the previous period.
No loose retail price
Although the prices of raw materials have fallen sharply, the retail prices of biscuits have not loosened too much. Promotions are occasionally seen, but overall there is no change. Some major domestic brands have no plans to adjust prices in the near future.
Or usher in development opportunities
Almost all industries are facing a sharp increase in the cost of raw materials, and companies have to increase the ex-factory prices of their products, but the increase in prices is far from offsetting the pressure caused by rising costs. With the fall in raw material prices, the company finally returned to the "good day", and biscuit companies seemed to usher in an opportunity for development.
It is understood that the current per capita annual consumption of biscuits in China is about 1,000 grams, while the per capita annual consumption of biscuits in developed countries is 25 to 35 kilograms, and that in moderately developed countries is also 12 to 18 kilograms. Therefore, China's biscuit market has huge potential. In recent years, although the total amount of biscuit production in my country has been increasing every year, due to disorderly competition in the market, many biscuit manufacturers are facing meager profits or losses. The production of some domestic veteran biscuit companies has gradually declined, profits have fallen sharply, and some biscuits have The enterprise went bankrupt or was merged.
The current price is acceptable
Consumers do not know the operating conditions of biscuit companies, nor do they know that the raw materials of biscuit have fallen sharply. They said: "The current price is acceptable." It seems that consumers have long been accustomed to high prices.
common sense
Palm oil
Palm oil is a kind of vegetable oil, which can partially replace other fats, such as soybean oil (information, market), peanut oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, lard and tallow. Due to the interrelationship between palm oil and various fats and oils, the price of palm oil fluctuates with the price of general fats and oils in the world, and fluctuates greatly.
Palm oil is widely used in cooking and food manufacturing in the world. It is used as cooking oil, crunchy fat and margarine. Palm oil has mild properties and is a good material for food. From the perspective of the combination of ingredients, its high solid content of glycerin can prevent the food from hydrogenation and keep it stable, and effectively resist oxidation. It is a good condiment for cakes and breads, and is deeply loved by the food manufacturing industry. China is a full importer of palm oil, and its price directly affects the trend of the food manufacturing industry.


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