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The rapid development of biscuit machinery


The rapid development of biscuit machinery

The rapid development of biscuit machinery

HG Admin 10-07-2020

Biscuit foods are second only to puffed foods, and are the second largest snack food in the urban household consumption index. In recent years, with the improvement of the living standards of our people, the market demand for snack foods has gradually increased. Therefore, as the snack food "Boss" biscuits also ushered in the golden age of development. Incomplete market development with huge potential in the future The actual per capita consumption of biscuits in China is far lower than the international average. Relevant data show that the average per capita consumption of biscuits in our country is only about 1 kg, while the per capita annual consumption of biscuits in developed countries is 25-35 kg, and that of middle developed countries is 12 —18 kg. Therefore, China's biscuits market has huge room for development. No matter whether it is a large comprehensive supermarket or a small store, biscuit products account for a large share of them. Biscuit products have a stronger hunger-filling function than other snack foods. They can be an early morning snack or serve as a snack snack between meals. They have a variety of flavors and rich flavors. Consumers of different ages and levels can choose their favorite. product. Sharpening the woodworker: biscuit machinery develops rapidly It can be said that cookies are everywhere in people's lives, but the production process behind it is unknown. The emergence of biscuit machinery has indeed solved a big problem for the market. The contribution of biscuit production and packaging machines to the biscuit industry is obvious to all. It has opened a window of development for the biscuit industry to open up a larger space. It can be said that without the rapid development of food machinery, there will be no rise of the biscuit industry. In order to improve the profits of biscuit companies, developing new biscuit products is an important task, but it is also a very difficult task. Therefore, it is very necessary to invest in a multi-function biscuit consumption line on a large scale, and this work must be ahead of competitors and adhere to this advantage. It is not difficult to think about the automation and sensitivity improvement of the company's existing consumption line. In terms of biscuit consumer equipment, the global development trend is in dough mixing. The most important thing is to choose a multi-functional dough mixer that can handle the technological formulas of various biscuit products and make the mixed dough comparable. Therefore, dough mixing is important for biscuit consumption. The sensitive and multi-functional consumption line will make the investment of biscuit consumer enterprises more effective. Judging from the development of the biscuit industry in recent years, various new technologies, new materials and new equipment have emerged in this industry around improving the technological content, economic benefits and production efficiency of biscuit products, and reducing production costs. Some fashionable biscuit products are being developed Or will soon replace traditional products. At the same time, advanced production technology will necessarily replace backward technology, and advanced high-tech production equipment will also replace backward traditional technology and equipment. Therefore, alternative competition is not only a severe challenge to the existing biscuit machinery manufacturing enterprises, but also provides a good market entry point and potential competitive advantages for latecomers. Biscuits are a favorite snack food for many consumers, but the average annual consumption of biscuits in our country is only about 1 kg, which is far lower than in developed countries. Looking at the long-term development trend, China will become the largest biscuit market in Asia, with a broad space for sustainable development. With the expansion of the biscuit market, related packaging and biscuit processing machinery will also rise, complement each other, and usher in development opportunities.


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