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How to use the biscuit maker


How to use the biscuit maker

How to use the biscuit maker

HG Admin 26-09-2021

1. When using the biscuit machine to make biscuits, the batter must be soft, but not too soft, too hard to squeeze down, too soft to not shape, even if the pattern is barely formed, the pattern will not be clear, so it must be used *The formula of the biscuit maker is available;

2. The flower pieces of the biscuit machine usually have front and back sides (some two sides are the same, regardless of front and back), one side should be rushed to the biscuit bucket, and the other side should be oriented toward the closed ring;

3. After putting the batter into the biscuit bucket with a spoon, press a little, put the flower piece into the closed ring, screw the closed ring into the biscuit bucket, be sure to align and tighten;

4. The prepared biscuit batter can be used in the biscuit maker immediately. If you need to refrigerate it in the refrigerator for special reasons, try not to refrigerate it for too long, because the freezing point of butter is also low, and it will become hard after a long time. Then take it out and melt, the butter will melt into liquid, and the taste will deteriorate;

5. When a novice is making biscuits, fill the biscuit bucket with batter first, and temporarily put the rest in the refrigerator for refrigeration, wait until the batter in the dry bucket is squeezed out, and then take the remaining batter out of the refrigerator and put it in Inside the biscuit machine;

6. Do not place anything on the baking tray of the biscuit maker, or place a silicone mat, because the pressed biscuit batter has a certain viscosity, if the mat underneath is too light, it will be brought up directly, and the pressed biscuits cannot be properly combined with Biscuit machine separation;

7. When squeezing biscuits, it is better not to hold your hands on the biscuit bucket of the biscuit machine. There is a metal part, which has a good thermal conductivity. The heat on your hands will melt the batter, which will not only make the squeezing out of shape, but also affect the taste. Specific method: The first step is to turn the biscuit maker upside down, and press the handle slightly to let the batter squeeze under the flowers; the second step, place the biscuit maker vertically on the silicone mat or baking tray, and hold the biscuit with one hand. Close the ring of the machine, hold the handle with one hand, press the biscuit maker tightly on the baking tray, then press the handle, and after a short pause for 2 seconds, quickly and decisively lift the biscuit maker vertically, so that a beautiful biscuit will remain On the baking tray or on the silicone mat;

8. Because the sealing ring of the biscuit machine has a certain diameter, the arrangement of the squeezed biscuits is relatively thin. Some people think that it is a waste of space. They will freeze the squeezed biscuits and arrange the biscuits tightly. This is not right, because the biscuits will swell during the baking process, arranged too densely, the biscuits are crowded together, and the patterns and colors are deformed, which seriously affects the appearance;

9. The design of the baking tray of some biscuit machine ovens is very unreasonable, especially those below 30L. There are very few flat areas and it is very difficult to use the biscuit machine. At this time, we can first spread the silicone pad on a flat table top, smooth it, and then squeeze the biscuits with a biscuit machine. After squeezing, carefully move the silicone pad to the baking tray, which will be neatly packed. Also complete and rounded;

10. The biscuits are ready, and the rest is the cleaning of the biscuits machine. The biscuit maker is not complicated to clean. When all the biscuits are squeezed and the last one is baked, disassemble the used biscuits and put them together with the used flower pieces into a hot water basin with detergent to soak in the hot water. When it is not hot, clean the flower piece, handle, and closed ring with a dishwashing tool such as a scouring pad, and brush the biscuit bucket with a brush that can brush the baby bottle, and it will be clean.


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