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Cleaning steps of wafer production line


Cleaning steps of wafer production line

Cleaning steps of wafer production line

HG Admin 09-03-2021

The wafer biscuit production line consists of a biscuit forming machine, a hot-air circulation tunnel electric oven, an injector, a lathe, a cooling line, a biscuit grinder, a biscuit machine, a packaging table, etc. At the same time, the cleaning of the wafer production line is also very necessary. The cleaning can follow the following steps:
1. The filter screen should be removed regularly in the wafer production line. But what we need to pay attention to is that the body of the biscuit maker is completely cooled before cleaning. When the water flows back, flush the impurities on the filter. If necessary, gently brush the screen with a brush.
2. After cleaning the filter, put the filter back into the machine in time and pay attention to the correct placement.
3. Attention should be paid to removing impurities when cleaning, and collecting impurities should be cleaned up after on-site operation.
4. The mixing blade of the biscuit production line is difficult to clean and should be cleaned many times. Do not use abrasives and bristles for cleaning. Avoid damaging the non-contaminated layer and affecting the effect of the next mixing and cleaning.

Design features of wafer production line equipment
The oven adopts a double cavity structure. The heating effect of the inner furnace is better, the distributor of the wafer processing equipment, the mechanical part of the outer cavity is longer, and the color touch screen is used in the control part. It can display and set the operating speed of the bakeware, the temperature of the bakeware, the control of mechanical parts, the volume of slurry and the ignition.
All components of the gas system are made of domestic and foreign excellent products, and the processing equipment is complete. The complete machine adopts high-temperature bearings, the complete machine motor and reducer adopt German SEW, and the baking pan adopts gray cast iron. The service life is long, the heat energy is used as effectively as possible, the color of the wafers is uniform, and the biscuit waste cleaning device is installed.
The main stand-alone machines are: crusher, laminator, roll cutting machine or roll printing machine, sugar and salt diffuser, tunnel oven, 1800 turning machine, injection molding machine, cooling conveyor, cake machine, etc. It can produce a variety of products, such as high, medium and low-grade products such as brittleness, toughness, ultra-thin, soda, and sandwiches.

Shanghai HG Food Machinery Co.,ltd is wafer biscuit production line factory in China.The technology of HG wafer stick machine comes from japan and germany. After further research and development by ourself, this machine is the project with the most investment value at home and abroad.


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