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About PLC Control System


About PLC Control System

About PLC Control System

HG Admin 07-08-2023
PLC system is a logic controller (PLC) based automation control manufacturer, mainly used in factory automation, mechanical control, processing, and other fields. PLC control system English: Chinese function control.

The core of the PLC control system is the PLC, which is a digital electronic device with a high degree of programmable capability. PLC can integrate multiple input signal sources, process through program logic, and output multiple output signal sources, so as to control and realize the automation of various machines and production processes. PLC control system usually includes PLC main body, input and output sensors and actuators, man-machine interface and other components.
The PLC main body is usually composed of a controller, an input interface, a processor, a memory, and an output interface, and is the core of the control system. The input signal source is usually a sensor, including a photoelectric switch, proximity switch, temperature sensor, etc. The external physical data is converted into an input signal through the sensor, and after being processed by PLC, the processing result is output to the actuator to drive the motor, cylinder, electromagnetic Valves, and the like to convert physical signals into physical actions.
The man-machine interface is the interface for information interaction between the PLC control system and people. Generally, touch screens, computer screens, and other displays are used to provide various real-time data and graphical operation interfaces for easy operation and monitoring.
In general, the application of the PLC control system enables the automation of machinery and equipment, greatly improving work efficiency and production benefits.

The working principle of the PLC control system is as follows:
1. Input signal conversion: The PLC control system converts physical signals (such as temperature, pressure, etc.) of sensors and other equipment into digital signals (binary format) through the input module, and then transmits them to the CPU of the PLC controller.
2. Central processor processing: The CPU of the PLC control system processes and controls according to the received digital signals, and generates control instructions. The CPU can also perform simple algorithms and logic processing to improve the flexibility and response speed of the system.
3. Output signal conversion: The PLC control system converts the instructions processed by the CPU into controllable electrical signals through the output module to drive actuators, output signals, display results, and control equipment. Output modules are responsible for converting digital signals into physical signals (such as AC/DC voltages recognized by motors, lighting fixtures, etc.).

4. Debugging and monitoring operation: The PLC control system is equipped with good debugging and monitoring functions, which can store, monitor, process and front-line feedback the input and output signals. Through these functions, the PLC control system can detect and adjust the control results and control process to achieve better automatic control.
To sum up, the PLC control system is a kind of automatic control equipment. Its main working principle is to convert the input signal into a binary signal through a digital signal processor, and then convert it into a control electrical signal to control the actuator, IO, etc. of the equipment. Signals and displays etc. The CPU processes and controls the output instructions, and debugs and monitors the execution process.

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