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There are many types of candy equipment machinery

Nov 24, 2018

There are many types of candy equipment machinery

There are many types of candy equipment machinery

HG Admin Nov 24,2018

Candy equipment machinery should be self-improvement, candy is the child's unique love, but also a lot of people love to eat casual food. It is understood that there are 1,500 kinds of candy in the world, and China food machinery company now only has 1000 kinds of distribution. In the future, the candy machine will open a competition on the four major items of toffee, sugar, gum and chocolate.

The transformation of the infinite commodity chain combination form of the finished product collection system is the general trend of China's sugar block development. Domestic candy machinery products and technology are changing with each passing day, and the super-gold mine in the candy machinery market is gradually emitting a dazzling golden light. Casting machines, sugar pots, sugar pots, sandwich machines, and other high-quality, high-tech candy production lines have been listed, both in terms of technology and grades.

The history of candy is very long, and candy machinery is also produced along with the prevalence of candy and the mechanization revolution of mankind. Now, the candy market is different, how will the candy machinery develop? First of all, because there are many kinds of candy, and the materials and shapes are different, most candy machines can only produce one kind of candy, such as candy machine that produces chocolate candy called chocolate machine, soft candy machine called soft candy machine, and maltose. , hazelnut sugar, candy, and so on.

Secondly, according to the function of the candy machine, with the development of technology, people have also invented a machine that can produce a variety of candy, and will be called a multi-functional candy machine. Finally, according to the different types of candy machinery, it can be divided into various types, such as candy packaging machine, granule packing machine, powder packaging machine, liquid packaging machine and so on.

In recent years, domestic candy technology experts have achieved gratifying results in the introduction of cooperation and independent creation. In the field of candy equipment machinery, we have introduced inflatable toffee production line, colloidal soft candy automatic line, ultra-thin vacuum instant cooking unit, cotton candy production line, etc. The machine has a single twist kneading machine, a folding packaging machine, a high speed pillow charter, and the like.

In terms of chocolate equipment, there are multi-functional color chocolate pouring lines, chocolate composite automatic lines, chocolate extrusion molding lines, and chocolate quick refiners. Among them, multi-functionality is an important trend in the development of new equipment. Because the variety of candy varieties is fast and the update is fast, the requirements of the manufacturers for the equipment are multi-functional and adaptable.


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