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The quality characteristics of food machinery

Mar 23, 2019

The quality characteristics of food machinery

The quality characteristics of food machinery

HG Admin Mar 23,2019

Product quality characteristics The quality characteristics of food machinery products directly affect the applicability or applicability of the products.
A more complex food machine can be composed of many parts, and each part contains many quality characteristics. If the value of each quality characteristic exceeds the specified limit, it will have different impact on product quality. There are some quality characteristics, although they do not meet the requirements of the design regulations, only slightly affect the function of the product; while other quality characteristics are not, if the requirements are not met, it may cause harm to personal safety and food safety, or not The ground has an adverse effect on product functionality. If these quality characteristics are mastered at design time, appropriate design methods, control methods, and testing methods can be used to address the risks involved.
Therefore, in the food machinery manufacturing process, there must be an important information about the quality requirements of safety, health, function and so on. In addition, by grading the importance of the quality characteristics of food machinery products and passing them to the process, manufacturing, inspection and procurement departments, these departments are making process plans, manufacturing quality control plans, process quality control plans, preparing test and inspection plans and purchasing. In the control plan, the prevention and control measures are taken to ensure the applicability of the quality of food machinery products. This is a preventive control method or method for product quality. From the perspective of the development of food machinery manufacturing industry, its product quality has experienced a product-oriented, manufacturing-oriented, sales-oriented to today's market-oriented stage.
In the product-oriented stage, product quality refers to the function that the product designer expects, that is, the evaluation standard of the product quality is whether the expected functional requirements can be achieved; in the manufacturing-oriented stage, the product quality means that the product specifications are met. That is to say, in addition to the expected functional requirements, the product quality evaluation criteria must also meet the specified performance requirements; in the sales-oriented phase, in addition to the product meets the specifications, the product quality also includes a series of measures for quality assurance, such as To achieve “three guarantees” for products; in today's market-oriented, product quality is defined as “a set of intrinsic characteristics of products that meet the requirements of users and other beneficiaries”, and its product quality characteristics refer to benefits from users and others. The intrinsic properties of the product derived from the requirements are part of the product formation process. Therefore, the quality of food machinery products mentioned today refers to the ability to meet the needs of users and other beneficiaries in all aspects of product function, technical performance, safety and health, reliability, adaptability and economy. It can be seen that with the development of industrial technology and the improvement of productivity, the definition of product quality is constantly expanding.


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