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How to troubleshoot the electric oven?

May 05, 2019

How to troubleshoot the electric oven?

How to troubleshoot the electric oven?

HG Admin May 05,2019

The electric oven uses a resistance wire to heat the air, and the tube automatically controls the temperature to remove the moisture of the substance. Electric oven has the advantages of simple operation, sensitive action, accurate temperature control, safety and reliability, high work efficiency, etc., so it is widely used in industry, agricultural technology, scientific research, medical and other industries. In addition, it can be divided into high and low temperature according to the power and temperature control range. When the temperature exceeds 50 °C during operation, it is often referred to as high temperature oven, referred to as oven; while the temperature is lower than 50 during operation. At °C, it is also known as low temperature oven, also known as incubator. In the process of using the electric oven, it is inevitable that some unpredictable glitch will occur. Now, don't worry about the Chinese electric heater network teaching you how to eliminate the common faults and troubleshooting techniques of the electric oven.
Common faults and troubleshooting techniques for electric ovens are as follows:
One. No wind or little wind
1. Check if the wind impeller is reversed. If it is reversed, replace any two lines of the power cord.
2. When the wind impeller falls, open the oven door, remove the top wind impeller cover, reinstall the wind impeller, screw the screw tightly, and then cover the cover.
3. The air supply motor does not turn, check whether the power supply is out of phase, and the corresponding power should be turned off immediately to check the power line, or the motor burned out, the motor should be replaced.
two. The temperature is not long
1. If the heating tube is broken, the heating tube cover on the right side of the oven should be folded off and the heating tube should be replaced.
2. If the heating pipe power cord is blown or has poor contact, it should be rewired.
Three. The temperature does not drop
1. The contact of the electric contactor is burnt and killed, and the electric heating power source cannot be disconnected. The contactor should be replaced.
2. The thermometer is damaged and should be replaced.
3. The temperature sensing line is damaged and should be replaced.
4. The temperature rises normally and the fan does not turn.
1. Explain that the input of the mains is normal, and should find the components and parts related to the motor.
2. Check if the fuse of the fuse RD is blown and the connecting wire is open.
3. Whether the terminals of the motor are loose or desoldered, remove the lead wire of one end of the capacitor from the terminal of the motor, and check whether there is leakage or breakdown with a multimeter.
4. If the motor fails, remove the motor to check for repair or replacement.


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