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Baking equipment maintenance and repair tips

Jul 21, 2018

Baking equipment maintenance and repair tips

Baking equipment maintenance and repair tips

HG Admin Jul 21,2018

After the machine runs for a long time, it will age and become faulty. The large-scale machinery is expensive and expensive to repair. If you want to save costs, you must learn how to maintain and repair the food machine .In the long-term use of baking equipment, friction and vibration caused by long-term operation will cause wear and tear on the parts. This wear is called wear and tear. The use of wear causes the size and shape of the part to change, which affects the quality of the work and degrades the performance, and may even cause damage to the parts, resulting in damage to other related parts, causing the machine to malfunction. Corrosion, aging, etc. caused by improper storage of baking equipment are called natural wear. This wear can occur when the machine is used or is not in use. Equipment is easily overlooked and not maintained during idle periods, so the natural wear and tear caused by the equipment during idleness is more noticeable and easier to ignore.

The wear of the baking equipment can be divided into three stages. The first stage is the initial wear stage. The new mechanical equipment or the mechanical equipment after repairing is in an early wear state, and the wear speed is fast. The main reason is that the surface roughness of the parts is worn during operation, and the operator is unfamiliar with the newly used equipment. As the rough surface is smoothed, the bad parts are replaced.

After the running-in adjustment, the operator is already familiar with the use of the equipment, and the wear rate of the equipment is gradually slowed down. The second stage is the normal wear stage, the wear rate is slow, and the equipment is in an optimal state. Care should be taken to maintain and maintain, to strengthen inspections, to prevent sudden occurrences of malfunctions, and to extend the use time. The third stage is the intense wear stage. The wear level of the main parts has reached the limit of normal use.

At this stage, the production efficiency decreases and the number of failures increases. In the use of mechanical equipment should be more detection, timely detection of faults, and preventive, repair, replacement. Baked food production enterprises should pay attention to the maintenance and repair of baking equipment, extend the service life of food machinery and equipment, and ensure the normal production of production, achieve safe production, and make enterprises profitable.



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